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Edu1st - VESS Trainers
List of Trainers:
Edu1st.Consulting - Ana Maria Fernandez

Ana Maria Fernandez - USA

CEO & President - Education First inc.

She is the Founder and Curricular Coordinator for Education First Inc. USA. Ana Maria is Licensed in Preschool Education, San Buenaventura University. Bogota, Colombia. She has a Master’s Degree in International Educational Management from the College of New Jersey, USA; an international program. She is a Certified Trainer in Parallel Thinking by The DeBono Group USA. She also is a Certified Trainer in Thinking Maps by TM Inc. USA. 

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Edu1st - Gilberto Pinzon

Gilberto Pinzon - USA

Vice president - Education First Inc.

He is Maxillofacial Surgeon and University Professor. Gilberto has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration MBA from American Intercontinental University, AIU in Florida. Gilberto is the Co-Founder of Education First Inc. His leadership in the design and execution of Education First Inc.’s strategic plan has positioned the company in place no. 43 of the fastest growing companies in the education field in the United States in the decade of 2000 to 2010.

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Edu1st - Teri Sousa

Teri Sousa - USA

Director and Three’s Teacher at Pines West Academy

Teri has been with the company for 15 years as a Teacher and Director of the first School Education First acquired; Pines West Academy. More recently as a Trainer for International Schools. Teri is from Florida, USA. She has a National CDA Background.

Edu1st - Aura Miquel

Aura Miquel - USA

Preschool Teacher at First Steps International Academy 

Aura has been with Edu1st for more than 9 years; She started as a teacher and became School Director in 2013 as well as Edu1st VESS International Trainer. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from "Universidad Católica Andres Bello" in Venezuela, and 18 years of experience in the field. Aura is from Venezuela.

Edu1st - Anna Leisse

Anna Leisse - USA

Director at First Steps International Academy

Anna has been with the company for around 5 years. She started as a Lead Teacher at VIP Kids Preschool. After 4 years in the classroom, she was promoted to Director of Bright Minds International Academy; and she has been a Trainer of VESS Curriculum for the past 2 years. Anna is from Venezuela and has a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood in Caracas, Venezuela.

Edu1st - Ana

Ana María Conde - Colombia

VESS Trainer & Instructor - Edu1st Services Director - Colombia

Ana María has been part of Edu1st's team since the beginning of 2016. At a very young age, she began teaching "thinking tools", such as the Theory of Constraints for Education tools. In 2009 she trained all of our staff in problem-solving, communication and decision-making tools. Additionally, she continues to volunteer and supports organizations such as the Odyssey Program, which aims to impact people's quality of life. Ana Maria is an Edu1st trainer and instructor and our representative in Colombia, She is in charge of the expansion in this country. She is from Bogota, Colombia and studies anthropology in the Universidad del Rosario.

Edu1st - Natalia

Natalia Marandola - Argentina

VESS Trainer - Colegio Grilli Canning

Professor of Environmental Management in elementary. Directors' Assistant, accompanying management in the planning and development of institutional educational plans. Focused on teacher training: Culture of Thinking, generating in students dispositions and habits of mind that allow transfer of knowledge to new scenarios.

VESS Trainer- educating to live a Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom / Level I Education First Inc.

Edu1st VESS Coach

Mariana Siancha - Argentina

VESS Trainer - Colegio Grilli Canning

Galeano said, "Education is not going to change the world, will change people to make a better world." Since I knew the VSS culture, I better understood these phrases and I felt the commitment and responsibility to make them come true because I have the tools, passion, and intention to do so. Since 1993, Mariana has taken several Edu1st courses in Argentina, Miami, and at Spain was speaker of a presentation called: The impact of the application of Visible Thinking and teaching for understanding. In 2015 officially became VESS Leader when she completes the course: Training of Trainers 1 Vess of Edu1st.

Edu1st - Romina

Romina Di Lisio - Argentina

VESS Trainer - Colegio Grilli Canning

¨I enjoy and appreciate every new growth opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally, that raised me new challenges and would provide me the opportunity to practice those skills that I caught knowing the VESS Culture, so we can spread the passion for my vocation, the importance to reinvent the teacher's role as facilitator and the responsibility of forming analytical, critical and autonomous individuals.

Edu1st - María

María Laura Cabrera - Argentina

VESS Trainer - Colegio Grilli Canning

"Education does not change the world, it changes the people that will change the world." (Paulo Freire)

Trainer of Trainers VESS 2015/16 - Educating to live a Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom - Level I, The Power of Making Thinking Visible.

Currently, Director of Elementary Level at Grilli Canning School.