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Edu1st - Edu1st Careers


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Edu1st Menu
Be part of the team!

Welcome to Education First Inc. Preschools. You are in a school that understands 21stCentury needs and works towards the creation of a culture of thinking and learning. Education First is leading earlychildhood education in the 21st century. It is not just school but life what matters!

  • On site in-service training
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid vacations
  • Paid sick days
  • Free childcare fees
  • Training classes paid for
  • Bonus for CDA or education degree
  • Health Insurance
  • Discounted Gym Membership
  • Employee Discount Perks Program 
School staff positions

  • Purpose:

    A preschool and childcare center director must be able to develop good relationships with parents, children, and co-workers. Preschool and childcare center directors need excellent leadership skills to supervise and inspire staff to work diligently. They must provide warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment where self-concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged, and individuality is respected. They must ensure that the educational model and curriculum is applied and implemented successfully. They also must enforce rules and regulations.


    1. Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field
    2. 40 hours Department of children and Families requirements
    3. CPR/First Aid training
    4. Background Screening
    5. Literacy Course
    6. Form #8
    7. Special needs course
    8. Director's Credential for Childcare Center Director


    • Strong Interpersonal and leadership skills
    • Sales and customer service skills
    • Strong Education Experience (preferably in the early learning industry)
    • Administrative experience
    • Shows ability to work as a team with Assistant Director, teachers and aides
    • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office management)
    • Bilingual (English & Spanish)


  • Purpose:

    The Office Manager is responsible for customer service, reporting pay-roll, checking employees schedule, hospitality orders and lunch orders. The Office Manager is also in charge of some administrative daily activities for the school.


    1. Administrative experience
    2. Basic computer skills
    3. Microsoft Office management
    4. Trustful, responsable and flexible
    5. Social skills
    6. Shows ability to work as a team with director, teachers and aides
    7. Education experience (not necessary)
  • Purpose:

    To assist the teacher in providing a warm and nurturing environment in which the child can grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.



    1. 18 years of age and a High School Diploma or Equivalent.
    2. 40 hours Department of Children and Families requirements.
    3. DCF requirements
    4. Education First contract signed
  • Purpose:

    The teacher is responsible for the personal care, hygiene, learning and developmental activities, specialized programs, and discipline of the children under his/her care. The teacher also maintains records, cleanliness and orderliness of his/her classroom



    1. A degree in Early Childhood Education (at minimum CDA or CDAE) or related field.
    2. 40 hours Department of Children and Families requirements. And any other classes DCF might require.
    3. CPR/First Aid training.
    4. All DCF requirements
    5. All Education First Inc contract and forms signed prior to start working


Please complete the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you have any question please contact us


Staff Testimonials

  • edu1stteamWorking for Brickell International Academy is been the best teaching experience, thanks all for your trust and support. I am in love with the VESS curriculum and having the opportunity of sharing and impacting others with this culture of learning makes me feel lucky and proud!! Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to be an agent of change, I love being part of this event and I hope more opportunities to come!!

    En Espanol: "Trabajar pora Brickell International Academy ha sido la mejor experiencia de enseñanza, gracias a todos por su confianza y apoyo. Estoy enamorada con el plan de estudios VESS y tener la oportunidad de compartir e impactar a otros con esta cultura de aprendizaje me hace sentir muy afortunada y orgullosa!! Mil y mil gracias por la oportunidad de permitirme ser agente de cambio, me encanto ser parte de esta feria y espero vengan mas oportunidades!!"

    Ms Claudia (Teacher-Brickell International Academy)

  • edu1stteamI have been a preschool teacher for over 25 years. I have used many of the Florida approved curriculums but firmly believe that the Edu1st VESS curriculum has all the tools to prepare preschoolers for a lifetime of learning. Thinking dispositions where young children are challenged and stimulated to critically, creatively and analytically think and where positive behaviors are reinforced daily is very crucial. I've worked with the "Vess curriculum" for over five years and have personally witnessed the changes in all the ages. Children showing autonomy daily, toddlers and twos are using and understanding the thinking language, three year olds are getting better at organizing their thoughts and being able to compare and contrast and the fours and fives are creatively thinking outside the box, articulating their thoughts and inquiring daily with so many questions. I am proud to be a pioneer in the Edu1st VESS program preparing children to be ready for the 21st century. I highly recommend this curriculum for any preschool worldwide.
    En Espanol: "He sido maestra de preescolar por más de 25 años. He utilizado muchos de los curriculums aprobados por Florida, pero creo firmemente que el plan de estudios Edu1st VESS tiene todas las herramientas para preparar a los preescolares para una vida de aprendizaje. Pensando disposiciones donde los niños son retados y estimulados críticamente, creativamente y analíticamente a pensar y donde es crucial reforzar diariamente los comportamientos positivos. He trabajado con el "curriculum VESS" desde hace más de cinco años y he presenciado personalmente los cambios en todas las edades. Niños que muestran la autonomía diaria, los niños pequeños y los niños de dos años están utilizando y comprendiendo el lenguaje de pensamiento, niños de tres años están mejorando la organización de sus pensamientos y son capaces de comparar y contrastar, y los de cuatro y cinco están pensando creativamente de manera diferente, articulando sus pensamientos y mostrando interés diariamente con muchas preguntas. Me siento orgullosa de ser pionera en el programa Edu1st VESS, el cual preparan a los niños a estar listos para el siglo 21. Realmente recomiendo este plan de estudios para cualquier preescolar en todo el mundo."

    Teri Sousa (School Director-Pines West Academy)

  • edu1stteamQuerida Ana Cristina: Quería darte las gracias por habernos invitado y motivado a asistir hoy a tan espectacular evento, sin duda una de las experiencias mas enriquecedoras que he vivido a lo largo de mi carrera. Si antes estaba emocionada por mi trabajo , ahora después de esto estoy muchísimo mas. Mil gracias por haberme motivado a tomar mi cargo como older twos teacher en el preescolar, siempre te estaré agradecida por esta oportunidad. Espero que tengas un feliz domingo mañana. Un besote.

    In English: "Dear Ana Cristina: I wanted to thank you for inviting and motivating us to attend this spectacular event today, undoubtedly one of the most enriching experiences I have lived throughout my career. If I was excited about my work before, now after this event, I'm much more excited. Thank you for having motivating me to take my position as older two's teacher in your preschool, I will always be grateful for this opportunity. I hope you have a good Sunday morning. A big kiss."

    Miss Nieves, (First Steps International Academy Teacher)

  • edu1st staff1I want to thank you for the opportunity that I have to discover how a similar curriculum like ours is applied in older kids. It's amazing how we can create a Culture that grow with the child. That's minds that our work continuing forever and the seed we plant is certainly going to grow after us. I really enjoy discovering how The Art and The Literature come so similar and get together so nicely with this Culture of Thinking I hope there will be more opportunities like these.

    En Español: "Quiero dar las gracias por la oportunidad que tengo de descubrir cómo se aplica un plan de estudios similar al nuestro en los niños mayores. Es increíble cómo podemos crear una cultura que crece con el niño. Eso nos recuerda que nuestro trabajo continuará para siempre y la semilla que dejamos plantada, continuará creciendo después de nosotros. Realmente disfrute descubrí como el arte y la literatura vienen de manera similar y se une a nuestra cultura de pensamiento

    Rebeca Romero (PK3 - Bright Minds International Academy)