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Here are some important facts you need to know before buying toys this season:


You need to get to know your child first, before buying toys that might end up standing on a shelf. 

  1. Listen to your children.
  2. Pay attention to their interests, their skills, their knowledge.
  3. Be aware that PLAY is a fundamental part of every child's good and balanced development.
  4. Be aware of the different types of play and what each type fosters in your child.
  5. Allow your children to be independent and play freely. They need plenty of time for free play.  
  6. look for a balance in the types of play your child is doing but remember to respect their individuality and interests.
Is a natural activity to every child.
Allows opportunities to learn and grow
  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Socially
Play makes thinking visible
Is Fun and motivational
Solidifies Skills
Encourages Self teem
  • Active Play
  • Creative Play
  • Learning/cognitive Play
  • Make believe Play
  • Collaborative Play
TOYS are tools we use to facilitate PLAY

Toys need to be:

  • safe
  • Fun
  • Related to one or more types of play
  • Varied
  • Offer potential for interaction with others
  • “Age appropriate” or better said: Appealing and interesting to the child, Suited for the child’s physical capabilities, Suited for the child’s mental and social development
  • Be careful with trends
    • it is true your child might have certain interests but it is also true interest change and we can be interested in more than one thing.
  • Be careful with brands
    • Not all brands are researched based and information on age might be mistaken
    • You can find similar toys for better prices and have your child equally engaged with the toy.
Take advantage of the season and teach values to your children
  • Make a big deal with the act of giving:
    • Have your children participating in choosing presents for others
    • Verbalize the good feeling involved in giving to others
    • Have your children donate some of their good but not in use toys
  • Make a big deal with the act of receiving:
    • Have your children enjoying each present at a time
    • Encourage good manners giving thanks
    • If possible have people giving presents tell the story of how they found it and why they wanted to give a present to your child

For more information on toys and play, just type your questions here.

Have a playful season!