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Ms. Ana Cristina, Ms. Terry, and Edu1st Give Back!

On Monday August 20th Mrs. Ana Cristina and Mrs. Terry went to the MEYGA Girls Club of Liberty City in representation of Edu1st for the back to school fund raiser, where Edu1st and five other concerned schools got together to provide the necessary tools and utensils for kids who are less privileged to go back to school.

Back at FSIA, the children discussed what it means to be grateful and how we can help others who are less fortunate than we are. The kids understood that these girls might not have backpacks or school supplies but they still have the right to go to school and learn, and we all have the responsibility to help them do that.

Families from all 5 Edu1st schools helped Edu1st gather supplies for the MEYGA Girls. This was a great way to instill good morals and values in our children, and to teach them to appreciate how fortunate they are.