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Back to the 70s!

August was 70s month at Pines West Academy! The kids dressed in the style of the era, drew peace signs, listened to the music of the time, and even danced Disco!

It was a great time for everyone involved!


FSIA and VIP Are Ready to Save Lives

Last August 12th VIP hosted 13 FSIA teachers as they reinforced their CPR training together. Everything went smoothly as the teachers practiced the most up to date techniques to save the lives of their students if ever necessary. Maintaining this sort of training is crucial to the safety of the school and we are very happy that VIP and FSIA can confidently take charge if such situation occurred.


Is BIA Having A Bad Hair Day?

Nope…. BIA is having a Crazy Hair Day! And a Crazy Socks day too!

Last 23rd of August, Brickell Academy started a new “Crazy Friday” tradition with their first crazy hair day. Teachers and students were encouraged to come to school sporting a hairstyle that would depict their creativity and individuality.

A week later, BIA continued to spice things up, this time encouraging its teachers and students to come to school wearing socks that, like their hair last week, would accentuate their personality. These special days aren’t designed only as a way to have fun but as a way to relate to the theme of the month in an innovative way.

Here are some crazy pictures: