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Last month, Gilberto Pinzon, Andreina Story and Silvana Carpio went to Spain to coach teachers in how to incorporate VESS to their own schools programs.

Gilberto and Silvana were both key note speakers at a conference with more than 400 participants. They were both inspirational and made an impact in the audience.

Today, we are very proud to say that after this presentations and the amazing work of Edu1st Spain Team, who has been spreading the word in Spain and representing VESS there, we received confirmation of a 7 schools community in Spain that will start incorporating Edu1st.VESS program to build cultures of thinking at their schools.

VESS impact in the world so far:

  • USA
    • 9 VESS centers/schools
  • Colombia
    • 13 VESS centers/schools (including from infants to high school)
    • 3 in the network incorporating VESS
  • Argentina
    • 7 VESS centers/schools (including from infants to high school)
    • 3 in the network incorporating VESS
  • Chile
    • 1 VESS centers/schools (including from infants to high school)
    • 1 in the network incorporating VESS (soon to be VESS center too)
    • 2 organizations representing VESS
  • Spain
    • 4 VESS centers/schools (including from infants to high school)
    • 7 just confirmed to be VESS centers/schools (from infants to high school)
    • 1 Organization representing VESS

Edu1st Team is making an impact in the world. Their daily work impacts society beyond our schools, beyond imaginable. Everything they do has enrich the VESS modules and program and many schools in the world are now looking at us as a lighthouse in education. 


Here is a video from students in Spain who speak about what they have learned so far inthis first 6 months of living VESS at their schools.

Es un placer compartir las opiniones sobre las rutinas de pensamiento que tienen los estudiantes del Colegio Salzillo en...

Posted by Edu1st on Saturday, February 6, 2016



Durante esta semana, Edu1st estuvo presente en los Colegios Eccleston, entrenando a más de 120 docentes de nivel inicial, primaria y secundaria. La alianza entre éstos colegios y Edu1st se ha llevado acabo desde hace 4 años, en los cuales se ha incorporado el modelo VESS (vida equilibrada con sentido y sabiduría) a su proyecto pedagógico. Gracias a los Colegios Eccleston de Argentina, por dar ejemplo y ser un modelo de compromiso educativo que transforma sociedades y vidas.

Last year was remarkable for Edu1st preschools.

2014-2015 VPK Program Rate was 100% in all of our Broward preschools:

All are contributors to the amazing VPK scores of Edu 1st Schools:

  • VPK Teachers & Assistants: Delivery and knowledge of what needs to be taught and how
  • School Leaders: Guiding and coordinating of all details
  • Families: For their support and trust

 Everyone and everything impacts learning, the environment and the results! Hard work and effort is always worth it.

Congratulations to all the team! We are super proud of all of you!

Creating a Dream with a Dedicated Team!!!!! Congratulations on scoring "100%" on the VPK Provider Readiness Assessment. Going Beyond and Delivering "WOW", while being OUTSTANDING and Pursuing Excellence!!!!!!!

Posted by Pines West Academy on Tuesday, January 19, 2016