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Ana Maria Fernandez

Edu1st.Team - Ana Maria Fernandez

CEO & President - Edu1st.

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Gilberto Pinzon

Gilberto Pinzon

Vice president - Edu1st.

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Natalia Pinzon

Edu1st.Team - Natalia Pinzon


Wellness Program Coordinator - Edu1st.



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Edu1st Blog - Photo Gallery

We have added a new photo gallery with pictures of the recent visit of Dr. David Perkins to Edu1st.Schools

Edu1st Blog - Photo Gallery

We have added a new photo gallery with pictures of the Recent conference: Edu1st: Creating the Ultimate Thinker for the 21st Century, held on November 11 of 2009

Visible Thinking Approach, What it is and how it benefits your child!

This Article posted at the CEC web pg, explains what Visible Thinking is and how it makes a difference in your child's life.

Visible Thinking Approach is strongly used in all our classes at our schools and it's benefits have been evident.

Please Click on the CEC logo to have access to the article: