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Leading Education for the 21st Century
Edu1st.easySP – Training and Diagnostic

Day 1

Day 1 consists of 8 hours of intense activity with the strategic team of the contracting organization. During this first part we will concentrate on fundamental topics, what we refer to as the soul of the business, the heart of the business, the starting point. The components of this first part are:

1.-Fundamentals and Strategy

  • The 3 whys
  • Purpose
  • Our values
  • Commitments
  • Our phrases

2.-The Business Model and its 10 blocks

Subsequently we will explore one of the fundamental areas in any organization; The Business Model and its 10 blocks. This is one of the most uncertain and less elaborate areas particularly for small businesses and organizations. Without a clear understanding of the Business Model and its 10 blocks it will be difficult to achieve adequate strategic planning and therefore sustainable growth and market differentiation.

3- CPR Analysis

Once we have worked on the business model, we will focus on the CPR analysis. These three components evaluate the business’s vital signs. Every organization must establish its CPR indicators with which it can periodically monitor performance based on these three execution indicators.

4- SWOT Analysis

SWOT is traditionally used by organizations to determine their own competitive level. Arriving at this stage in the development of the strategic plan, having gone through the previous stages, allows for deeper understanding of SWOT’s 4 components and their strategic implications.


What is our BHAG? Normally every business or organization builds its own mission and vision. Unfortunately these elements become rhetoric and few members of the organization can effectively articulate the why and where are we headed of the organization. During this stage and in conjunction with members of the strategic team, the BHAG will be determined. The BHAG will facilitate the visualization of the organization’s long term principal objective. Next, medium term goals will also be established, along with their measurement indicators, initiatives and activities to develop in order to achieve stated goals.



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