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  • Educational institutions that decide to be part of the VESS School Network formalize a 5 year agreement during which they will receive 5 levels of VESS training, monthly coaching sessions via Skype, and face to face sessions with Edu1st coaches. Additionally, VESS School Network will have permanent access to all curricular and technological resources and support materials. Finally, VESS School Network will have to go through the process that will grant the Edu1st VESS Accreditation.
  • An educational institution that joins the network of Edu1st schools, which shares the same vision on education, which looks to innovate and adapt its educational model to the reality we are living today, generating cultures of thinking and learning, developing the necessary capabilities, skills and dexterities in the children to live a Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom.
  • VESS School Network does things and live education in a way that is different to the traditional one. Walking through a school belonging to VESS Network, there is an environment of connection, of a desire to learn and a different interaction between each one of the members of that learning community. To achieve this, Edu1st places a special focus on the teachers, as it is understood that professional training in itself is not enough, amongst other strategies, an accompaniment of the teaching staff is required. Adequate and constant coaching is the most powerful strategy to generate change on an individual and their daily work so he/she can reflect that upon his/her students. The VESS School Network experiences transformation because professional formation is conjugated with a systematic coaching program.
    Academically, Edu1st has always been on the lookout for the state of the art and most solid material, not only in educational issues, but also in other topics related to neuroscience and innovation. As pioneers in the implementation of PEP (Acronym in Spanish for “Thinking as a Pedagogical Strategy”) and Visible Thinking from Harvard University, Edu1st and VESS School Network approach learning in a different, more connected and significant way for the learner. The VESS School Network is different because they understand that in order to learn it is necessary to understand and in order to understand it is imperative to think and experience. Additionally, we implement a programs that allow the learners to develop habits of mind and dispositions, which are crucial elements for successful performance in todays and tomorrows world.
    1. To be at the vanguard of the latest and most solid educational proposals in the academic world.
    2. To achieve a culture of thinking and institutional learning.
    3. Help teachers generate significant changes in the classroom through the incorporation of strategies and tools to facilitate these transformations 3- Incorporate fundamental elements to educate in and for the 21 st century.
    4. Generate processes that lead to comprehension and significant learning in the students.
    5. Bring on and involve the entire educational community (Directors, Teachers, support team, students, and parents).
    6. Develop habits of mind, dispositions, meta-cognition and tools for life in the entire educational community (directors, students, parents, etc.).
    7. Achieve individual awareness in the search for a Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom
    8. Access to Edu1st-VESS Platform that groups a set of audiovisual resources and digital tools that together with the learning community contributions, help transform the educational proposal.
    9. Access to Edu1st team and the network of international coaches.
    10. Access to workshops and professional training with reduced costs.
  • VESS Platform is a technological tool for support, designed and developed with the purpose of providing the teacher’s access to a large number or resources and tools that make their work easier.  
    Amongst those resources are; VESS curriculum with its 5 modules, support material for teachers and support to help in the implementation of the different strategies and methods that promote a culture of learning and institutional thinking.
    At the same time, the platform makes it easier for VESS School Network to share experiences and lessons learned associated with the growth of the VESS Model implementation.


Current VESS School Network


  • Colegio María Asunta
  • Colegio Salzillo
  • Colegio Almedina
  • Colegio Sagrada Familia Alzira
  • El Tablerillo
  • Colegio María Inmaculada Xábia
  • Colegio la Purísima de Callosa de Segura
  • Colegio la Purísma de Torrevieja
  • Colegio Santa María Magdalena de Novelda
  • Colegio Regina Carmeli de Paterna
  • New Castelar
  • Colegio Argentino Almirante Brown
  • Colegio Patris
  • Colegio Bilingue Neuquén
  • Colegio Eccleston Lanús
  • Colegio Eccleston Temperly
  • IEL Academy
  • Brickell International Academy
  • Bright Minds International Academy
  • Building Brains International Academy
  • Fiorella Preparatory School
  • First Steps International Academy
  • Pines West Academy
  • VIP Kids Bilingual Preschool
  • Kids Town Sede Yopal
  • Kids Town Sede Suba - Kids Village SAS
  • Kids Town Sede Unicentro por Calleja
  • Kids Town Sede Rosales
  • Kids Town Sede Bucaramanga
  • Kids Town Sede Nicolás de Federmán
  • Kids Town Sede Medellín
  • Kids Town Sede Chía
  • Kids Town Sede Cedritos
  • Colegio Gran Bretaña
  • 1-2-3 Por Mi
  • ClapClap

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