How to implement VESS?

As educators and school operators, we have experienced the frustration that many schools and colleagues have faced for years. We all want to change, to innovate and to implement new ways of teaching and learning. School leaders bring consultants, trainers, and new proposals, but once they finish their workshops and are gone, school teachers struggle to apply in the classroom whatever they learned in the training.

That is why we have a different approach to professional development. In order to generate the change we want, we need to structure an implementation process that requires different levels of training, each level comes with coaching sessions for teachers and school leaders, teachers need tools and resources to help them in a practical way, so they also have access to the VESS platform where teacher finds videos, photos, bibliography, forums, webinars, testimonies and a network of schools and teachers who are implementing the program so they share experiences, knowledge, and ideas that are valuable for other teachers. In order to facilitate innovative change, training is necessary but is not enough, we need a comprehensive implementation model that leads to real personal, professional and institutional transformation.

There are different options on how a school can incorporate the VESS program.


1. VESS School Network

For those schools that decide to implement the VESS model. They seek accreditation in a VESS culture of thinking so they benefit from all the resources of the program: training, coaching, strategies, tools, the VESS Modules for classroom implementation, forums and access to the VESS Platform where they become part and participate in a learning community.


2. VESS Training

Educational centers with no formal ties to Edu1st and/or VESS. They are educational centers that decide to take some workshops without the commitment to become a VESS School Network or to obtain the VESS Accreditation.


3. Florida

An Educational Model approved for Florida’s School readiness programs. 

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Our Objectives:
  • Create an outstanding educational environment and program for students
  • Create a movement of progress in the community
  • Make a lifelong difference in each child.
  • Be a leader in the implementation of Visible Thinking from Harvard Uni.